In our society today two elements time and history help to determine to a great extend what we are, give help and guidance to our search to know and to become. March 22nd. 1998 shall ever be remembered in the life and history of many in Nigeria, the day when the universal Catholic Church beatified Fr. Iwene Tansi by recognizing the humble way he lived out his mission and vocation. A mission, which touched the life of so many and influenced the course of their history in a simple but significant way. The humble, simple and straightforward program of life, which the Blessed Tansi made for himself and lived  out with all simplicity, has attracted an international attention. By his life in the society as a lay professional and pastor in the Archdiocese of Onitsha by his final withdrawal to the monastery bore witness to the importance of ascetic charity in Nigeria. By this he became a veritable example for all. Those who cannot follow him to the life of ascetic withdrawal can find relevance in his life as true Nigerian, teacher, Christian, priest and pastor.

We need an authentic spirituality, one that enables us to harmonize our work, service and prayer, one that enables us to reflect upon the wonder of God’s creation made manifest on our fellow men and women.
We need men and women who wish to reflect these ideals contained in the lifestyle of Blessed Iwene Tansi and who will follow them to the extent feasible in their proper state of life. These working in a kind of cooperation and fraternal solidarity shall in good time accomplish what necessity requires in areas of Christian living, authentic Christian family life, honesty in public life, respect for the weak and voiceless, sanctity of life and marriage to mention but a few.

Such men and women shall be KNIGHTS $ LADIES OF BLESSED IWENE TANSI.

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About Us

Prayer for Blessed Tansi and Nigeria is an initiative of the Knights and Ladies of Blessed Tansi and was created in order to unite and align all Blessed Tansi devotees to the need for prayer for Blessed Tansi and Nigeria. In short, we desire to come alongside our Nigerian brothers and sisters to stand with them in prayer for this one important cause for Nigeria and the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is the best way to pray for a quick canonisation of Blessed Tansi and for Nigeria.
Registering will give you everything you need to understand the current challenges and
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How can I get more involved in spreading the Kingdom of God in Nigeria?
There are many organizations involved in fulfilling this Great Mission in Nigeria. The Knight and Ladies of Blessed Tansi at website is a good place to start

Can I connect directly with the Prayer for Blessed Tansi and Nigeria partners?
Absolutely! Visit to learn more about them and contact them directly or email directly

Christians are on the front lines of a spiritual battle in Nigeria. Do you know that. Will you stand with Blessed Tansi and Nigeria.

The light that shines where it is the darkest shines the brightest.  Let’s unite in prayer and allow Jesus to shine HIS light through Nigerian Christians.

Calendar for 2019 .

  • January 20 – the Feast of the Blessed Tansi, a national celebration at St. John Cross Uruagu Nnewi in Nnewi Diocese ( where Blessed Tansi began his priestly ministry in 1937)
  •  March 22 – 21 st . Anniversary of Beatification in 1998. A national celebration at the beatification site Oba near Onitsha-Archdiocese of Onitsha.
  •  October 17 – Re-interment anniversary. A national celebration at Ama Tansi Iboezunu Aguleri. ( the birth place of the Blessed Tansi)
  •  December 19 – Priestly Ordination in 1937 at the present Basilica of the Most Holy Trinity Onitsha. A national celebration at Blessed Iwene Tansi Catholic Church Umudioka Dunukofia in the Archdiocese of Onitsha. ( the first parish opened by the Blessed Tansi in 1940, a where as it were he poured out his priestly zeal and spirit)
  •  January 20 (2020) Feast of the Blessed Tansi. A national celebration at the permanent Shrine  Site Aguleri.
  • Each National celebration is preceded by a nine days novena masses and prayers throughout Nigeria.
  •  Every Monday through the year there is Mass and prayers for the needy at theBasilica of the Most Holy Trinity Onitsha.

Join us to Pray for Blessed Tansi and Nigeria. 

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The Purpose for this call is to mobilize prayers for the Cause of Bl. Tansi and for  Nigeria.

  •  The Cause of Blessed Tansi needs prayers now than ever. Do you know that it is now twenty-one years this humble Servant of God was raised to the altar. Since then many Nigerians have been praying for a successful conclusion of his worthy cause [sainthood] for this he needs only one miracle which will be accepted by the Sacred Congregation for the Causes of Saints. Only God can perform miracle but we his children need to ask him for this miracle. PRAYER.

  •  NIGERIA. This our beloved country has just come out of the 2019 General elections we thank God but the clouds of unrest and violence which has hunted this peaceful country remains unabated. But despite the growing unrest, violence, lost of human lives, secular humanism, and tribal discrimination Nigerians are more open than ever to the Gospel. God is on the move – drawing in the Nigerians one soul at a time. The great and numerous gift of vocations to the priesthood, religious life and very active lay faithful Christians in Nigeria seems to me that Nigeria is predestined by God to defend not only the church of Christ but also that His Kingdom may flourish in Nigeria and beyond. If Nigeria proves unfaithful to this, it will be punished harshly. Nevertheless, it will remain until the end of time. Do you know that every year, thousands of Nigerians intercede for Nigeria. Prayer for Nigeria is your access point to join this time of prayer.


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