Yam                Garri 

Garri and Yam 
Garri and Yam are the common food prodeuced by an average Aguleri farmer, During harvest the rich farmmers export their products to Onitsha city where they sale them and make profits.

The New look of Aguleri Baptismal Church

This is the Old Aguleri River Bank. Surounded with farm land and Green Vagetations

Way back in the50's this is how a tipical Igbo man's home looks, This Achieves the view of Fr Micheal Iwene Tansi home in old Aguleri.

The Modern Aguleri River Bank, Popularly Known as The Anambra River

The Exotic Green Water way from Aguleri to Onitsha

Fresh Fishes 
Aguleri is sorrounded by fresh water, From the Anambra river linked to River Niger, a large number of the village dwellers are fish farmmers.The Fish market in Aguleri draws foot from far and near.

Aguleri old Baptizm Chrurch, This was where young Iwene Tansi was Baptised in the year 7 Jenuary 1912.

The Modern days Aguleri Market.

This displays the Aguleri mean of Food Transportation to the City through the River Niger in the 50's.

The Local Market 
Aguleri Rural Market where the village men and women do there petty trades.

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Basilica of the Most Holy Trinity 
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Aguleri Community Primary School, This is Where Young Iwene Tansi attended his Primary School Education.