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            The Blessed Iwene Tansi spent his life in prayer for his people. He formed prayer groups, St. Mary, St. Ann and Mary league. These were prayer combats for themselves and for intentions assigned to them by the pious Priest. He himself maintained a list of prayer intentions from individuals with various needs: cure for an illness, prayer for conversions, comfort in grief, peace of soul, resolution of family problems, grace to make the right decisions etc. Surely in heaven he continues to pray for these intentions. If you have a particular need that you would like to bring to God and would like us to include you in our daily masses and prayers at the shrine of the Blessed Iwene Tansi.

Please send e-mail to

Just type- and me and my intentions to your prayer list.

Then let us know what you would like us to help you pray for.

            If and when your prayer is answered, we would appreciate your letting us know so we may join you thanking the Lord for his goodness.May the Lord through the intercession of Blessed Iwene Tansi grant us what we ask in humble prayers. 


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